A refined aesthetic, provocative, in tune with a concept of functionality focused on communication and interaction, without losing sight of the precious sign of comfort, are elements that distinguish the Ottawa Sofa, made by the prestigious designer Karim Rashid, and that he has recently received the award Good Design, one of the most prestigious and the oldest in the field of design.

"We are incredibly proud to know that such a respected section of the industry is as enthralled with the Ottawa sofa system as we are. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Karim in the near future ": Claus Ditlev Jensen, Collection Director of BoConcept A / S.

The modular sofa Ottawa It is part of a series of furniture and distinguished interior design concepts with this important recognition. It is the incursion of BoConcept in a functional concept of contract furniture. Comfortable and durable, the sofa is made up of several configurable shapes that can be combined in multiple ways, making it ideal for public and business environments. The elements can be organized in such a way that they lead to a multidirectional modularity.

Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, President of The Chicago Athenaeum warns that since its foundation the prize Good Design it has become an international reference and a symbol of design "that serves as a beacon for audiences interested in design in our global economies".

The sofa Ottawa It is also multifunctional, with an elegant side table and power ports for charging integrated electronic devices. Soft and attractive, but tested for strength and safety, the modular sofa system Ottawa intelligently reinvents office furniture for the current era.


"It is amazing to experience the lack of thought in both public and contract work. The seats in the hotels are always so far away from each other with huge large coffee tables on the way. I can not communicate with anyone less than a meter away on a modernist table. There must be a sense of intimacy. At the same time, there must be a sense of privacy and of being able to work in your own world, "he says. Karim Rashid.

Created in 1950, Good Design is organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design de Chicago in collaboration with European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. This award recognizes design and innovation, sustainability, creativity, ecologically responsible design, human factors, materials, technology, graphic arts, packaging and universal design.

"I always like the idea of ​​modularity and reconfigurability. I wanted to make a system that on the one hand has reconfigurability, but when it is reconfigured, it always looks different. It's like a changing landscape, "he says. Rashid.

The products and graphics must have been designed and manufactured at least two years before the period in which it is competed. One of the main factors for the selection of awards is based on the premise that the product can enrich society and the lives of people through its design.

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"Approximately 40 thousand Good Design Award has been awarded since the creation of the award at 1950."