The Monocle Cocktail Club

Llega a San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, The Monocle Cocktail Club, un sitio con inspiración en las sociedades secretas de intelectuales que se reunían a debatir obras literarias mientras bebían ginebra, porque la historia de la literatura es, en muchos…

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A New Route with Bridgstone

"Bridgestone presents two new families of tires to meet the needs of a market like the Mexican with more than 2 million 900 thousand registered motorcycles, according to the INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography)", says Daniel López, ...

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Canada for Two

In February, the month of love and friendship, the various tourist offices in the provinces of Canada offer attractive proposals to enjoy the various Canadian scenarios as a couple. The invitation is undoubtedly irresistible. The city of…

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A New Award for Audi

The new Audi Q7 2018 has been recognized with the Good Housekeeping Award "Best New Car", awarded by the Good Housekeeping Institute, along with Car and Driver. Concepts such as safety, price, maneuverability, design and comfort have been factors to take ...

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