The wines of the DOCa Rioja They are made with the most modern techniques and strict quality standards, resulting in a deep flavor that conquers connoisseurs and those who seek to get involved in the pleasures of the world of wine sensations. Its more than a hundred wineries and huge offer of labels, ready to conquer consumers, are distributed around the world, in all countries that appreciate the beautiful things in life.

"For red wine elaboration, red grapes are used, which can have a color only on the skin, or those that have the same color on both the skin and the pulp."

As if they were liquid poems, Rioja wines are a gala of aromas and flavors. Their colors depend on the skin of the grapes used for their elaboration, and they can be white and red grapes, but their barrel aging also influences, since in addition to transferring flavors and aromas, wood also influences color. Depending on their color, Rioja wines can be classified into whites, reds and rosés.

For the red wine elaboration, red grapes are used that can have the color only in the skin, or those that have the color both in the skin and in their pulp. In the production of white wines you can use white or red grapes if you only have color in the skin, and that is removed just after extracting the juice so that the color passes to the liquid. For the rosé wines there are two options, which can be using the red grapes of little color, or white pulp inks, removing the skins of the juice when they have transferred the desired amount of the color.

The colors of the wine also tell us about its age, for example, the young red wines are bright red, but as they mature, they take tonalities of tile or brick. But colors not only influence the visual part, they are also used to define their aromas. The aromas wheel resembles a chromatic circle, created to classify and identify the aromas of the wine.


The wheel is divided into the most important categories of aromas, such as floral, fruit, wood and vegetable, as well as including a category of defects. Each one is divided into colors and subcategories, so that you can find in a very easy way the aroma you are looking for.

The fruit category is identified with the yellow tones, the fruit reminds us of the tones of the red fruits, the vegetable could not be any other color than green, and the floral with its violet tones, and those taken from the wood come in coffee tones.

Rioja It is a land blessed with so many varieties of grapes, colors and flavors that we enjoy sips and surprise us with their quality. They are great wines that await their moment to be discovered and surprised.



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"Depending on their color, Rioja wines can be classified as whites, reds and rosés".