Portugal is the new member to the list of luxury destinations in the world. Unique, spectacularly beautiful, full of history and culture, this small country makes us fall in love.

El Douro Valley, in the north of the country, it has an extraordinary beauty: steep mountains carved with wine terraces - transporting us to the sinuous and enchanting hills of Bali. Douro Valley en Portugal It is a wine destination, where we can taste the local products and walk between villas, tasting -secretly and discreetly- the grapes of the vines, much more bitter and smaller than the table grapes.

"The serene surroundings of the Six Senses Douro Valley resort is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage, magical, beautiful environment."

It was this valley that was chosen by Six Senses for your first European property.Six Senses It is known around the world for its incredible Spas and Spa Resorts, located in both large cities and Paris y New Delhi as in remote paradises in Oman, Seychelles y Vietnam, among others. They have received awards for their talent in creating places of incredible natural beauty. His team includes experts from diverse backgrounds and professions, responsible for visiting renowned Spas and famous chefs, star observers, marine biologists and even paragliding professionals.

Housed in a magnificently restored 19th century mansion set on a hilltop, overlooking the hills covered with vineyards Douro Valley, the resort has what is called a 'wine library', where the official sommelier of Six Senses Douro Valley It takes us through a sensory trip of the wines of the area, a wonderful culinary experience for those of us who are lovers of this complex and exquisite drink.

Being the Duero the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, it is not surprising that the hotel is of an impressive beauty, in which there is even a huge library dedicated to wine. In its 57 rooms, suites and villas, swimming pools, an organic garden, spa, three restaurants focused on local products, and of course, a huge cellar, moments are lived as full of charms and relaxing as the swing of the leaves under the wind .


The vast expanse of the hotel covers almost eight hectares of land, with beautiful views of the vineyards that, like colored carpet, dress the slopes of the hill where it is located at the highest point. From its gardens, you hear the distant sound of Douro river, like a whisper that is watered through the senses.

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"You could say that Six Senses put Portugal on the map of luxury tourism. This beautiful country now receives millions of visitors ready to enjoy its wonders. And one of these wonders is, without a doubt, the magnificent Six Senses Douro Valley. "