It exists in the tropical paradise of Nassau a luxury resort where there is everything: Baha Mar. Exuberant, it extends to infinity, a mix of bright colors that play with our eyes and senses. Its decoration looks typical of these Caribbean islands with touches of the grandeur of Las Vegas o Macau. A world in itself, Baha Mar has become an emblem of the Bahamas, full of life, light and fun.

"SLS Baha Mar is a resort that combines an 5 hotel experience with creative and design elements tailored to local flavor and culture."

It is here that we find ourselves with a world of activities, spaces, restaurants and things to do, what is called 'the luxury of options'. Located on the white sand beaches of Nassau, New Providence, the spectacular tourist complex Baha Mar is a leading employer in the Bahamas; he currently employs more than 4,000 associates and plans to increase that number in the following months. In the coming years, it is expected that Baha Mar contributes to the 20% of the GDP of the Bahamas.

In a commitment for the cultural development and environmental conservation of the Bahamas, Baha Mar he created the foundation The Baha Mar Resort Foundation supporting different causes and community groups in order to build a solid future for the island. On the other hand, The Current, the space for the artistic expression of Baha Mar, it has become the cultural center of Nassau and a meeting point for artists, writers and sculptors.

Within the complex are incredible hotels for all tastes. Visually striking, SLS Baha Mar is a resort that combines a five-star hotel experience with creative and design elements adapted to the taste and local culture. Touches of innovation and decoration incorporate the best of The Bahamas, with paintings that evoke images of their islands, iconic structures and the famous pineapple- which here symbolizes hospitality.


En Baha Mar Grand Hyatt adopted here a unique concept that combines a cosmopolitan vibe with the relaxed life facing the sea of Nassau. El hotel Grand Hyatt Baha Mar has the largest casino in Caribbean a world-class gastronomic offer with 40 restaurants, bars and lounges including those with renowned chefs and also with local talent; experiences with marine life in the BEACH Sanctuary; Bahamian culture and art in The Current; luxury and island-inspired shopping options; a great vanguard convention center and the highest levels in facilities for tennis and golf.

"Baha Mar is the perfect destination to take a trip to the land of crystal clear waters and blue skies."