Rocco Forte Hotels celebrates the "rebirth" of Hotel Savoy with the inauguration of its beautifully remodeled Florentine hotel, located in the heart of the city, in the imposing Republic Square. After six months of extensive renovation, the prestigious hotel, built 125 years ago. in 1893, it officially reopens its doors.

"Each of the rooms and suites has been designed to give a sense of calm and tranquility and the calm tones combined with the luxurious fabrics create a predominantly Italian feel, reflecting the essence of the Rocco Forte brand."

Olga Polizzi, director of Design, perfected the timeless elegance of Hotel Savoyusing contemporary themes, elements of the Renaissance and Florentine fashion, as well as the work of the best artisans of Florence. The world-renowned Florentine fashion house, Emilio Pucci, He collaborated on the project, bringing the essence of Italian design to the hotel. Laudomia Pucci, Director of Imagen de Emilio Pucci, he joined to Olga Polizzi to create a unique atmosphere.

"It's wonderful to see how many Florentine artisans still work and create their masterpieces in the center of Florence. We commissioned many local artisans from the city, a lovely experience, and I hope the hotel feels truly Florentine, "he says. Olga Polizzi.

Collaboration with Emilio Pucci began with the production of an exclusive silk scarf with the images of the Hotel Savoy and the Republic Square, the historic square where the hotel is located. The silk scarf comes in two varieties of colors: bright pink and turquoise blue. With them they also cover glass countertops, becoming the key decorative element of the terrace restaurant. Guests can buy their own scarf and carry a piece of Emiliano Pucci y Hotel Savoy to his house The scarf will be on sale at the hotel for € 300.

"It was great to collaborate with Olga to conceive this unique project with the Hotel Savoy. For the first time in the history of Emilio Pucci in the hospitality sector, we translate the creativity that this city inspires and we unite the elegance of Hotel Savoy with the vibration and sophistication of codes Pucci and from the city itself Florence, adding touches Pucci in the lobby and restaurant of the hotel ", underlines Laudomia Pucci.

The entrance and the lobby of the hotel have been restored to their original grandeur and present a white pallet punctuated with accents of Pucci and colorful elements of art and design, including paintings of Luca Pignatelli, adding a sense of glamor. With a ceiling five meters high decorated with a molding, the lobby has two new large reception tables that incorporate neoclassical features such as putti and caryatids in the four corners, representing the four seasons and the "Fleur de Lis", The emblem of the city.


The touch Pucci continues throughout the lobby, where a black and fuchsia print was used on the cushions that adorn the sumptuous sofas, while two armchairs went through the treatment Pucci and they present a velvet flower print that mixes Renaissance motifs with pop art spirit. The modern and sophisticated visual of the hotel lobby is complemented by a hand-tufted carpet with the iconic print "Lamborghini" of the Emilio Pucci Archives in shades of pink, gray, white and black.

In addition to public spaces, Olga Polizzi He also created a completely new visual for the rooms and suites. By reducing the number of rooms and suites from 102 to 80, many of them have been completely restructured and have grown in size to offer guests a more luxurious and spacious experience: the Junior Suites, the Grand View Suites and the new and impressive suite room Presidential Duomo occupies its own wing (of 177 m2) with splendid views of the dazzling Brunelleschi Summit. In addition, on the fifth floor, there is the unique two-story suite with a panoramic view of the roofs of Florence.

The Hotel Savoy starts a new chapter in its history as a renewed expression of luxury hospitality. The Florentine jewel of Rocco Forte Hotels is repositioned as an icon of the city for the modern luxury traveler in Florence, a cosmopolitan destination with a vibrant and contemporary culture and the cradle of Italian fashion.


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"Tables, chairs and custom mirrors designed by Il Bronzetto combine with C & C Milano materials to give Hotel Savoy an exclusively Italian flavor."