Dell Technologies lanzó varios productos innovadores de almacenamiento y servidores con el respaldo de una gama completa de servicios. Estos productos nuevos, que vuelven a elevar los estándares para potenciar el centro de datos moderno y se lanzan con la marca Dell EMC, are designed to handle a wide variety of workloads from traditional and emerging data centers to help customers achieve better business results. The teams are Dell EMC PowerMax, Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000, Dell EMC XtremIO.

"The modern data center is a test area through which customers can obtain a digital advantage over the competition and obtain better results for the business. Dell EMC is providing the innovations of the modern data center that customers need, with new solutions designed with technology prepared for the future in order to face the current challenges of the data center and support the next important initiative that customers plan to implement in the future " , He says Jeff Clarke, Vice President of the Board of Products and Operations.


While organizations rush to capitalize on the benefits of emerging transformational technologies before the competition, they face new demands that require the modernization of IT to achieve high levels of performance and automation in the data center. According to a recent survey of IT G en la que se consultó a 4 mil tomadores de decisiones de TI de todo el mundo, el 81% aceptó que si no adopta la transformación de la TI, su organización ya no será competitiva en el mercado.

The solutions of Dell EMC for modern data centers PowerMax y XtremIO X2 with native replication, in addition to VxBlock System 1000 with XtremIO X2, are already available. The system VxBlock System 1000 support PowerMax It will be launched in the summer. The global availability of Dell EMC PowerEdge MX is planned for the second semester of 2018.


"Dell Technologies boosts the performance and efficiency of the modern data center."