Pure Happiness was the legitimate experience that was lived in the recent international festival ArteCareyes Film & Arts one of the events that attracts more visitors to the jalisciense cheerful coast every year.

In this its sixth edition there was everything from intensive cinema projection, musical festival, plastic exhibitions and of course the traditional art auction, as well as the inevitable polo match.

To begin with, there was a tour of the sprayed gallery area with two glasses of champagne R de Ruinart hand in hand to welcome the event, followed by a splendid inaugural dinner at the Playa Rosa, where once again the beverage portfolio of the maison Moët Hennessy He took the opportunity to start his stellar role for each scene throughout the festival. The cocktails Veuve Clicquot Rich they were to order and for the first time the Pink Lemonade of vodka, as well as the Moscow Mule with cognac Hennessy Very Special.


Marathon was almost the party The Night of Samadhi, the funniest and most expected evening of the festival without a doubt.

The art auction in the Square of the Knights broke the bidding record, wiping out the sale of almost all the lots offered. Later the night was illuminated with a fireworks shower enlivened with the voice of the singer Parson James and the rhythms of Astros of Mendoza They put everyone to dance.

To complete the event, the Careyes Art Polo Cup dressed in yellow Clicquot the afternoon with an exciting meeting where Giorgio Brignone He did his best to lead the team Veuve Clicquot in front of the winner of that day the GNP. Carlos Pechieu the director of the French house in Mexico handed the trophy to the winners and presided over the commemorative brunch sprinkled with the iconic champagne brand Yellow Letter and Rosé

At night, the farewell was again in Playa Rosa with the musical performance of the band leader Plasticine Mosh and finally the next day the beach party in The Negritos It became imminent to dismiss and officially closed the activities.