"In Sony We are very proud to obtain the recognition of the consumers as the company with the best reputation of Mexico. Undoubtedly, this achievement drives us to continue working to provide all Mexicans with the best entertainment experience with the best quality through all our products, "he says. Yamato Tanikawa, Senior Director of Marketing in Sony Mexico.

The brand was recently recognized as the company with the best reputation in Mexico, according to the study RepTrak Mexico 2018, developed by the renowned organization Reputation Institute.

Sony was placed in the first place by Mexican consumers, in a study that included a total of 50 companies and in which 79.2 obtained points on a scale of 100, which reflect the commitment to present products of the highest quality to the public and with the latest technological advances.

The results of the study were derived from an evaluation of seven different aspects of the reputational excellence and trust that a company inspires, such as the opinions regarding the purchase of products, the recommendation to third parties, the granting of the benefit of the doubt , work and invest in it, among others.

With its music, image, entertainment and online divisions, Sony It has a unique positioning to be the leading electronics and entertainment company in the world. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of approximately 72,000 million dollars during the fiscal year ended March 31 of 2016.

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"Sony is named the company with the best reputation in Mexico in the RepTrak Mexico 2018 studio."