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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Product of the evaporation of several lakes, southeast of Bolivia This desert of salt is considered the largest in the world. During the first months of winter a phenomenon occurs that causes a mirror effect that makes the earth confuse with the sky; The best months to visit are March and April when the rains are gone but the effect remains.

Five hours away from the salt, there is another wonder of nature, the red lake, known for its reddish color produced by algae and the extraordinary fauna that inhabits it, there you can find three different species of flamingos, foxes, llamas, alpacas and even condors and pumas.

Suggestion: 2 to 4 days are required to live the complete experience. You wear comfortable clothes, swimsuit, sunscreen and sunglasses. Nearby you can visit the Incahuasi Island, the Train Cemetery, el Desert Siloli and Termas de Polques, where you can immerse yourself in the warm water to relax.

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Arequipa, Peru. The white city, as it is called, shines like a jewel for its peculiar Baroque architecture, built from a volcanic white stone known as sillar, which is why it was named a cultural heritage of humanity by the UNESCO. The view from the viewpoint of Yanahuara It is a must stop in which you can see the three volcanoes on which this city lies: the Misti, el Chachani and Pichu Pichu.

Also the ancestral gastronomy based on wood cooking, and its traditional restaurants known as picanterías, stand out as another of the main attractions of this southern city of Peru, being the rocoto stuffed with meat, one of the representative dishes of the region, which is usually accompanied by a corn distillate called Chicha.

Suggestion: You can not leave without trying a delicious narrow steak, grilled salmon or a Kafta lamb entree at Casta Fior, a restaurant located in the center of Arequipa with an enviable view, to share as a couple or as a family. It also has vegan and gluten-free options.

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El Chaltén, Argentina. This small municipality is located at the foot of the hill Fitz Roy at Glacier National Park south of the Cordillera de The Andes, the landscapes of this town are composed of lakes, glaciers and mountains, elements that make it an ideal place to go hiking, which is why it is known as the national capital to practice this sport.

This place offers the best landscapes of the Patagonia and campsites with free access, to be able to arrive and enjoy it, it is necessary to fly from Buenos Aires a Calafate and from there take a bus for a three-hour tour to El Chaltén.

Tip: Being the National Capital of Trekking, you can not rule out Mirador del Cerro Fitz Roy Laguna Capri, the Mirador del Cerro Torre or the stay Madsen If you want to feel more secure, you can book guided tours to the glacier or Toro Lagoon, which will guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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Bordeaux, France. This metropolis is known for being one of the main producers of wine in the country and one of the cities of the future, there are two sites that define it as a modern city and attached to its history: "The City of Wine", The interactive museum dedicated to the world's largest wine and alternative cultural space Darwin, where sustainability is the premise to offer gastronomy, local products and urban art.

The old town and the architectural jewels of the neighborhood of Saint PierreLike Place de la Bourse, are the reasons why it was named world heritage of the UNESCO in 2007, to be amazed by this medieval city, will be an easy task.

Suggestion: Sit next to The Bordeaux Docks and enjoy a coffee near the river, or you can go on foot or by bike while discovering local shops. Those who visit it say that it is the best place to appreciate the moon.

Recomendado by: Pola Henderson, "Jetting Around'To American Express Essentials

Slovenia. This Central European country occupies the north coast of Adriatic Sea and it is sheltered by the magic of the Alps, which allows it to boast a large expanse of green landscapes, more than half of the territory is made up of forests, mountains and caves, which makes it a paradise for those who enjoy hiking and caving .

In addition to the green fields, the capital, Ljubljana is a picturesque old city that offers interesting architecture that includes castles and bridges, which is why it is famous, the top three places to visit include: the park Trivoli, la Presernov square and Triple Bridge.

Tip: You can not miss the "Ljubljana Food and Wine Walking Tour", A trip to the senses between aromas and spectacular flavors. You can reserve with time to ensure the visit. A culinary guide will show you how to taste cured meats, sausages, local dishes and the famous Burek (meat wrapped in phyllo dough).

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Reykjavik, Iceland. Adventure, nature, music and art are the main factors that make up the scenes of the Icelandic capital, which in general is a quiet city with a countryside atmosphere that in its heart houses a lake, the Tjörnin

The northern lights are another attraction for which Reykjavik begins to be popular with tourists, the city offers unforgettable postcards of this natural spectacle during 8 months, from September to April.

Tip: Let yourself be pampered in this wonderful place, by the hand of a Spa on one side of Blue Lagoon This geothermal spa offers hydromassages, treatments and rest assured to those who visit it, while you are surrounded by lava fields and mountains with snow.

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Manchester, United Kingdom. This North City of England has managed to transition from industrial to cosmopolitan and sophisticated, maintaining itself as a benchmark of music and sport worldwide.

The crisis forced it to carry out a whole urban renovation, what before were textile factories, now they are parks, galleries or alternative markets like the artistic complex Lowry o Affleck's Palace, which has made it one of the capitals hydroplants of Europe that always has something new to offer.

Tip: For fans of Manchester United, the stadium Old Trafford It is a must. You must buy your tickets in advance and preferably plan your travel dates based on this; If you do not get tickets, you can take a tour to the dressing rooms and the iconic museum with T-shirts of former footballers.

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Ethiopia. Based on a sustainable and ecological tourism, this country begins to be one of the favorite destinations of Africa, the paths guided by volcanoes to the safaris, the Lake Tana and the cataracts of Blue Nile They are ideal places for ecotourism.

Your capital Addis Ababa, is one of the main districts of the African culture, between February and March the festival of African circus art is celebrated, which presents important representatives of the folklore of Africa.

Tip: It seems simple, but if you do not drink artisanal coffee Ethiopia, You will not have tasted your "national drink", considered the best in the world. The infusion is served in "Jebenas" and mix with sugar. You can try it along your journey through its mystical streets.

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Laos. The 90% of the territory of this Asian country is composed of mountains and jungles, its capital Vientiane has a mystical charm of the Asia classic that very few places of the continent conserve at present.

Located on the banks of Mekong river, is the city of Luang Prabang, which for its mixture of oriental and French architecture presumes to have the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the southeast of the continent, which is why it is a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO.

Tip: In the region of Sayaboury, Laos; you must visit the Elephant Conservation Center. An enclosure where you can not only see the elephants in their natural habitat, but you can connect with them by caressing them, walking and bathing them. It is advisable to set aside your place with time.

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Maldiva's Islands. Located south of the India, This set of 1,190 islands is what several would call a paradise on earth, where in addition to recostarse to contemplate the sea, the most valued activities are those that allow contact with the wide variety of marine species, such as: submarine rides and diving.

In addition to the inhabited islands, this territory also has deserted islands, there are excursions to visit them and even romantic getaways can be organized.

Suggestion: Gastronomy in the islands is influenced by the India, Arabia y Africa, and a dish that you should not miss is the Mashuni It is prepared with tuna, coconut, chili, lemon and onion; accompanied by a traditional bread (roshi), marinated with fruit smoothie or black tea.

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