Style, exclusivity and a sum of home details very in tune with current times is the essence of La Palomilla B & B, located in the colony Northern Rome. This emblematic area of ​​the Mexico City, with a historical weight and a cultural value that continues in force and continues to grow, is the scene where this house is located with 100 years of history that has been resized to provide a unique concept of accommodation: modern, fresh, with a distinctive sign of elegance.

"Our house has been living a century of fantastic stories, where friendship is the protagonist, that's why I was inspired to fill its seven rooms with the soul of each of the members of my palomilla who are lovers of culture, art, the music and the unsurpassed joy that characterizes us all Mexicans. Being a sustainable environment, every corner of La Palomilla B & B It has been created for the conservation of the environment and for the application of the best environmental practices.

"Another aspect of which we are very proud of is that in our house you will find the style of Mexican artisans who with their creations print a piece of Mexico in every detail, from the sheets to the soap: the elements that make up La Palomilla seek the social and economic development of Mexican talent. We are excited to welcome guests to La Palomilla, and continue the tradition of filling this home with good stories, "he says. Alessandra Pérez-Cirera, owner, operator and founder of the hotel.

The Palomilla

D. 2a. Closed of Guadalajara 10, col. Roma Norte, CDMX

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"La Palomilla is an exclusive B & B that expresses the richness and diversity of the capital's culture with a unique sign of elegance"