They say that mezcal should be taken kissing a little kiss, sensual way that applies perfect to savor Linear, liquid delight coming from Durango, which presents a beautiful collection of bottles made with the greatest delicacy in Olinalá, Guerrero.

Upon entering the restaurant Moxiof the Hotel Matilda en San Miguel de Allende, visitors will find a cart in which the selection of drinks recommended by the house is presented. There I saw for the first time a bottle of Linear, elegant and seductive, immediately invites us to ask for a drink to start with an exquisite meal. By tasting it ... liquid liquid in my mouth, my new favorite mezcal.

When returning to San Miguel I found myself with Bruce James, king of hospitality and great connoisseur of this elixir since this mezcal is the choice of Matilda as Mezcal de la Casa, with whom I had the opportunity to have a delicious talk: "Linear is the result of an extensive journey of discovery throughout the country, seeking the best of Mexico. A trip of friends, a common search, a particular interest in discovering a quality product and sharing it. Without forgetting the roots of this ancestral drink, its creators leave behind myths and agreements, to achieve a more personal connection with the land of Durango, so special that it produces it. The tribute edition Olinalá It has had enormous success, our guests and visitors to see the bottle ask for it without hesitation ".

Bruce, a great conversationalist keeps talking to me while I enjoy my glass of Linear and I admire the wonderful and colorful Mural de Claudio Limón which is located in the hotel pool, stoking the senses: "When you travel to Warrior Lineal Managers decided to pay tribute to the beautiful Mexican crafts that are produced in this lost region. Name Linear it is for its creators the culmination of a fantastic journey, a physical and spiritual journey, that took them to a small community in the state of Durango, since his search went beyond finding the easy way or the most walked. The purity of this project was maturing slowly, enriching in knowledge and anecdotes that were marking its way. The effort and passion invested in reflection, time and respect for traditional processes -not only of production, but of research and discovery- comes to life through its distinctive notes, smoked and sweet at the same time, the result of a double process of distillation. Every drop of Linear is a new way of seeing and understanding the creation of an artisan product, and a new way of enjoying it ".

Olinalá, Guerrero It is approximately 1,400m above sea level. This small city, which in a hundred kilometers around has not even a population of 10,000 inhabitants is known worldwide, so beautiful is the craftsmanship that is made by hand, handcrafted, day by day being the world capital of the lacquer and the graffiti, both handmade crafts that are enriched with a fundamental characteristic; the fragrance of lináloe wood, so persistent that a box made with this wood preserves its interior perfumed for several years.

The articles made in Olinalá they are usually small boxes, caskets, trunks or chests, trays and decorated jícaras. The traditional colors: green, blue, black and red; almost never mix two colors in the same design. As for the graffiti or scratched, it becomes so fine and meticulous in some cases, that they evoke ancient Chinese work. All these subtleties are shown in the special edition of Linear, which I invite you to try and admire.