Within a dynamic rewriting of the historical spaces of the Mexico City, arises Holy Sunday, an exclusive definition boutique hotel located precisely in the centenary redoubts of one of the main squares of the first capital square, the Plaza de Santo Domingo.

The building that has traditionally hosted writers, writers of letters both family and official, as well as managers in the printing of academic theses and other documents, today is also the space of a modern luxury hostel, with an attractive cafeteria on the outside, for the approval of passers-by and people from the area offices, including the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), located just in front of the portals and the nearby building of the Old School of Medicine, whose administration corresponds to the UNAM; In addition to a superb restaurant located right on the hotel terrace and run by the chef Erick Acevedo.

"Our kitchen is a fresh, dynamic proposal, marked by the flavors of the season and the inspiration of the roots of Mexico": Erick Acevedo

The Plaza de Santo Domingo keeps a special meaning in the history of the Mexico City. In addition to the imposing church, the ancestral buildings that are part of its significance as a public area, confluence and coexistence of various segments of Mexican society over time shine.

"In recent years, many spaces in the Plaza and surrounding areas have had a significant recovery, taking on new meaning in the tourism and service definition of this sector," he explains. Kevin Tapia Morales, director of Garamante, advisory company in the development of the gastronomic concept of Holy Sunday.

With access also by the street Republic of Cuba, Holy Sunday occupies an area that previously corresponded to printing workshops. "With almost five centuries of history, the plaza de Santo Domingo It is a beautiful example of colonial architecture; It was built during the sixteenth century as part of the religious infrastructure of that time. It is thought that the square is located on what was the palace of the tlatoani mexica palace Cuauhtémoc and that in pre-Hispanic times it was surely an open space with gardens and ponds.

"Hotel development was a very delicate job, given that it is a historic building and therefore there were many restrictions on the realization of the new project. Throughout the process we had to resolve various limitations and setbacks in terms of the intervention of various areas and architectural elements; but the result has been very satisfactory, using materials that enhance the spirit of the original work, as well as expressing a contemporary vision of purity of forms and sustainability ", says Víctor Romero, responsible for the architectural formalization of Holy Sunday.

Stresses that the nine rooms of Holy Sunday They have retained the original architectural context, which envelops guests in their magic and history, without overlooking the distinctive sign of comfort and style. Its interior spaces are defined with minimalist furniture and handcrafted decorative details, representative of the greatness of Mexican culture. A refined aesthetic and an atmosphere of relaxation and privacy go hand in hand with the functionality of the facilities and the splendid service.


Regarding the restaurant Terrace, Erick Acevedo It emphasizes that it is a great effort to provide the expression of a kitchen with identity and character in an emerging area on the map of the capital's gastronomy. They are fresh and direct flavors, with a trace of imagination that takes diners to a discovery, but without ever losing the root and essence of Mexican cuisine, its ingredients and its techniques.

"On this terrace, you are not only an expectant of the great Plaza de Santo Domingo, you are part of it, given the integration that there is with the whole environment of the place. It is a proposal that we have developed with great precision, precisely thinking of turning it into a unique meeting point and of gastronomic enjoyment ", underlines Wall.

"My greatest inspiration is Mexican cuisine, around it I developed a series of dishes that are a renocence to our origins, our history, and of course to that great collection of ingredients that have been the basis of a culinary that has surprised to locals and strangers; always full of subtleties and details, with nuances and surprises that have positioned her with one of the great cultural expressions of humanity.

"Our cuisine is a fresh, dynamic proposal, marked by the flavors of the season and the inspiration of the roots of Mexico, with the presence of corn with motor element of an evocation of traditional cuisines, but also with modern accents and the game of spices, herbs, field aromas; with products of sea and land that reinforce our identity and open a panorama of sensory experiences ", warns Erick Acevedo.


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"Hotel development was a very delicate job, given that it is a historic building and therefore there were many restrictions on the realization of the new project."