Positioned as one of the most important Italian wineries and counting in his palmares with distinctions such as that granted in 2016 by Decanter, which considers the terroir of Rosazzo as one of the most important 10's Italy, besides considering Highlands as one of the best Italian wines of all time, the winery Livio Felluga had a brilliant presentation in Mexico with the presence of Maurizio Felluga, one of the heirs of company founded in the 50 years of the last century, in the region of Frioli, northeast of ItalyBy Livio Felluga, considered one of the strategic characters of modern vitiviniculture in that country.

"One of the greatest exponents of Italian cuisine in Mexico, Il Becco Reforma, hosted the presentation of the wines of Livio Felluga, the wine legend of Fruili, in the northeast of the Italian peninsula."

"The strains are the same, but what they change are the methods of elaboration. Our most recognized variety is the Malvasia, although Felluga varieties of Friulan, Pinot Grigio y Sauvignon Blanc. They are not native Friuli, but now they are traditional Friuli. Their Malvasia and the Ribolla Gialla they also have a local character, along with the FriulanHe explained Maurizio Felluga.

An encounter with the specialized media, as well as the realization of two gala dinners in Il Becco Polanco and in Il Becco Reforma, with the host of one of the top exhibitors of Italian cuisine and its wines, Rolly Pavia, marked the tuning for the expression of the great jewels of this winery whose annual production of 1.2 millions of bottles, near which 40% correspond to their great flagship wine, Highlands, emerged in 1981 as a mixture of Friulan, Pinot Blanc y Sauvignon.

Dishes such as fresh raw fish in thick cut, sprouts and olive oil; the bull tuna with quail egg and black truffle; the Vitello tonnato, thin slices of veal with a light sauce of tuna capers and anchovies; Pappardelle with saffron; as well as the risotto with lobster in its coral, they were the perfect structure for appreciation in the midst of the great wines of Livio Felluga, in addition to the legendary HighlandsAs Illivio, created in 1998 with a mix of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay y Picolit; Pinot Grigio, the best known Friulian wine in the world and distinguished by its finesse and elegance; as well as Sauvignon, also of vast Friulian tradition.

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"Friuli is a small region that is committed primarily to quality wines, it is our main standard, and our production can be considered among the best in Italy", Maurizio Felluga.