Manifest of style, comfort and above all of good flavors, Crabster It is without doubt one of the emblematic restaurants of Puerto Progreso, in Yucatan, the traditional resting place on weekends and vacations of the emeritenses families, and that today has taken on a new dynamic, since the great culinary and environment proposal has given a new turn to this coastal site, located at approximately 40 minutes from the capital of Yucatan.

"A modern, dynamic and comfortable interior design establishes the perfect atmosphere for a very pleasant gastronomic experience in this Yucatan beach resort".

Undoubtedly one of the factors that have driven this resizing of the port has been without a doubt Crabster, expression of the cuisine of the sea, with traditional flavors and basic preparations, but with a twist of modernity and daring, also framed in the context of a modern and dynamic building, conceived by Jorge Gaber. The result has been not only a site that gastronomically not only responds to the fame and style of its chef, Christian Bravo, but also establishes the dimension of a place to enjoy the environment, to be and be seen, for an informal coexistence, but with a stamp of sophistication that is noticed in its furniture, the definition of spaces and the integral concept that makes Crabster be, by itself, a great reason to escape to Puerto Progreso.

"I'm glad that now people come to Port with the specific objective of eating in Crabster. It is a project that has been growing gradually, both in size and in operations. For me, it emerged as a six-month advisory and now I am fully involved in the development of the restaurant, "says the chef Christian Bravo.


"Of course we have the simple preparations that many people look for, such as shrimp with garlic sauce, but we also offer a more purposeful menu, with dishes such as the white snail with oregano vinaigrette, aguachile with black message and octopus with cashew nuts in sauce green, which is a true delight.

"Some people still ask for the cangreburguer, but we offer another interesting option: the shrimp burger. The proposal of Crabster It has been excellent for ProgressIt has been a very interesting and important turn in its gastronomic offer, "he says.

D. Malecon Street, Malecón Tourist Boulevard, 97320 Progreso, Yuc.

T. +01 969 103 6522


"I'm glad that now people come to Puerto with the specific objective of eating at Crabster. It is a project that has been growing steadily, both in terms of size and operations ", Christian Bravo