Los Cabos It is a destination like no other: elegant, drastically beautiful and with a unique flavor. This is the place where on the coasts merge the Sea of ​​Cortez and Pacifico, and where we find luxury spaces proudly Mexican.

The shocking Grand Velas Los Cabos, a meeting between the luxury and the serenity of such a special destination, spoils us with all-inclusive service and special amenities that please all our senses.

"When the desert meets the ocean, the result is magic."

Haute cuisine has always been the specialty of hotels Candles, its magnificent and varied restaurants winning awards and international recognition. Author's Kitchen, one of the restaurants in Grand Velas Los Cabos, was included in the "Best New Restaurants for 2017" list of the leading international media company CNN.

Along with the traditional restaurants of the hotel chain, such as the French restaurant Piaf, the Italian Lucca and the Mexican Frida Grand Velas Los Cabos He has added a delicious steakhouse to his repertoire, called 10 candles, where I enjoyed exquisite cuts and seafood.


Grand Velas Los Cabos it is destiny in itself: from here we explore immaculate sandy beaches, sail towards a radiant sunset in a luxury charter, we discover the wild desert of Low On a safari, we enjoy excellent diving, snorkeling and fishing adventures, and we get carried away by the romance and adventure of the area.

This new and vibrant hotel captivates us with its great architecture and authentic Mexican comforts. Superbly located where beaches of fine golden sand are embraced by turquoise seas, Grand Velas Los Cabos It is a world of uninhibited luxury.

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"Here, the inherent magic of Los Cabos It looks perfectly combined with the luxury, attention to detail and excellence of this magnificent hotel. "