The occasion requires Japanese punctuality, which today is difficult in the Mexico City; we never know what the traffic holds. The best decision, park a few blocks and walk. Just when you enter, you receive me Kazu Kumoto, chef who owns this space of delicate and meticulous decoration set in Tokyo, which makes it a unique restaurant for its size, for its subtlety in every detail.

Kazu Kumoto, prestigious chef resident in Mexico since the end of the 1970 decade and a pioneer of culinary mergers, it offers us its gastronomic refinement, which is the essence and feminine spirit in each of the processes, from the purchase and selection of local products, which are chosen individually so that Once transformed into edible art, come to our table. Fabiola de la Fuente, advertiser of the place, tells us that a large part of the products used in the kitchen are imported directly from Japan, to offer the authentic flavors of that mysterious country.


The culinary proposal of Kazu's Kitchen are the traditional stews that women from Tokyo they still preserve, but at the same time it is innovative by including some Mexican elements. Without doubt the feminine delicacy of Kazu Kumoto It is surprising and distinguishes its cuisine, since most of the Japanese restaurants in Mexico They are run by men.

We started with edamame spicy asado, seasoned with caramelized peanut sauce and accompanied with Japanese beer, as they have a good variety of these to choose from; Follow the seaweed salad and crispy; the preparation of the flamed nigiri aburi, tuna, snook and salmon, is a spectacle; We continue with miso soup and tofu; in the hot eel bowl, the perfection in the cooking of the rice is not casual, it requires great experience of handling of times and ingredients; finally the tapioca dessert with chopped fruits, whose intense red cherries and firm skin confirm that the feminine essence in this space is undoubtedly the key to success.