Let's talk about good food and how it makes us fall in love. Well we can refer to it as one of the maximum cultural expressions, as an art, or even as one of the factors that make us human, and that is to know how to transform the ingredients that nature gives us in beautiful presentations and in a symphony of flavors , is a skill that few have.

It is also true that Asian cuisine is one of the great favorites of Mexicans, for its beautiful presentations, exotic flavors, and of course, for being healthy and light. Therefore, eat in Asai Kaiseki It is one of those sublime pleasures that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. The restaurant is run by its owner and chef, the talented Japanese Yasuo Asai, who personally prepares tasting menus under the technique Kaiseki and using fresh ingredients, such as fish and vegetables that Mexico offers you to prepare authentic Japanese food.

In the restaurant there is an authentic sensory experience unique, in an atmosphere of complete harmony and peace where the ingredients are transformed into succulent delicacies. Its intimate exclusivity is designed to receive only 14 diners, in three tables for two people each and up to nine places in the bar.


Besides being rich, one of its great attractions is watching the chef Asai delicately preparing the dishes at the time. Asai It integrates Mexican details in its style, such as serving talavera poblana dishes, serving guacamole, using Oaxacan cheese and nopales. Its three tasting menus cover from ten to fourteen times, and change monthly.

Its menu has a great variety of great pampered, such as sushis, soups, sashimi, teppanyaki, and surprises specialties of the chef. Part of these oriental flavors include yuzu sake, mussel jelly entrees, vegetables, quail egg and caviar Wasabi. As for the vegetables, it delights us with dishes prepared with mushrooms, tomato and baby corn, fig with sesame sauce, grilled mackerel, lotus root with shrimp paste, ax callus, edamame and tazunashushi. The soup is a surprise prepared with bean paste, shrimp, tapioca and watermelon turnip.

Grilled seabass are served on the grill, with grilled corn, sprout of garlic and sautéed huitlacoche. The vinaigrette is prepared with grilled eel, vegetables with Tosazu gelatin, foie gras and mango. For dessert, there is toasted green tea ice cream and warabi mochi with corn syrup.

The technique Kaiseki It is based on the seasonal ingredients and the fixed menu style, highlighting the textures, colors and portions served with the harmony of a beautiful painting. Kaiseki It is the authentic traditional style of Japanese food, considered among the Japanese as its haute cuisine and the highest quality. It is a style that in Japan is used for celebrations or special occasions, and that in Asai Kaiseki It is a daily celebration.