Sony has launched the great challenge for European videographers and filmmakers, with the possibility of winning a prize of up to 5 thousand euros in equipment, including the lens α7SII and SELP28135G as the main prize. An indispensable requirement in this contest of creativity and talent is use in the production of the compact camera RX0 de Sony.

"The RX0 offers great flexibility to combine it with a complete system that extends the possibilities of image to infinity".

With a weight of only 110 g, the RX0 It is an ultracompact, robust and waterproof camera from which new products have been developed. It concentrates the qualities of unlimited creative expression in a minimalist design, it represents the format of the cameras of the future. Capture with freedom and visualize the results as you wish. The RX0 perfectly integrates an innovative lens, a sensor and an image processor in an extraordinarily compact size.

The high-quality imaging technology inherited from the RX Series It is concentrated in a solid, rigid and compact body. In addition to the sensor CMOS Exmor RS and the image processor BIONZ X, the solid quality and discreet portable design of this camera guarantee that you will be able to capture with greater creative freedom whenever you have the chance.

With unlimited capabilities in a tough miniature body, the RX0 it combines state-of-the-art imaging performance and rugged design ready for everything to offer more versatile general operation, on its own or with multi-camera systems and accessories.


Its extra-rigid duralumin body and ultra-compact dimensions allow for fantastic captures with greater ease. In addition, it can withstand a lot of weight, impacts and is water resistant; It also offers reliable performance during difficult captures.

The tiny dimensions and integral versatility maximize your freedom to hold and use the RX0 effortlessly anywhere and creatively, even with other cameras RX0 distributed to capture from various perspectives. By itself or as part of a large-scale multi-camera system, the RX0 is able to open imagination and eyes to recording possibilities never seen before.

Applicants can enter the competition on the website of Sony Comunity, where they can define their proposal and the approach they will give to their work. Applicants who have been accepted can borrow several units to execute their project and upload their videos to YouTube and the site of Sony Community.

The competition formally starts the 31 of May of 2018, considering the works delivered until the 30 of April of this year. The jury is composed of specialists in the field of film and the winners will be announced 22 June 2018.

The competition is only open for the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Spain y Portugal. Applications from other regions will not be accepted.

"All participants also participate in a monthly competition. The work with more views on the internet during that month receives a RXO camera as prize. "