SHA Wellness Clinic, the award-winning luxury and wellness clinic, presents its first campaign and is entitled "My SHA Transformative Story" featuring the supermodel and philanthropist Petra Nemcova, who will be the first of a series of global ambassadors to appear in a digital series.

This inspirational campaign will have global ambassadors for SHA, where each will personally share the transformation and life changes they experienced first hand in the clinic. The ambassadors that will appear in the series of videos will be gradually revealed during the year due to the 10º Anniversary de SHA Wellness Clinic, also accompanied by a series of initiatives at a global level.

Petra Nemcova, supermodel, philanthropist and co-founder of "All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response" is a loyal client and friend of SHA Wellness Clinic. Own Petra He commented about his experience at SHA: "In the frantic world in which we live, there are some moments where we stopped to have more clarity. I enjoy my life more now because I renewed myself with vitality at all levels; physical, mental and spiritual. This is a gift of life. I am very grateful to be here again, experiencing and enjoying; that's why I always come back. "


Alejandro Bataller, VP of SHA Wellness Clinic, and son of the founder Alfredo Bataller Parietti, is a great believer in applying the right resources and tools to become the best version of yourself. "We are excited to hear the personal stories of each of our ambassadors, as it is Petra Nemcova and see how each one has experienced positive, sustainable and transformative changes of life for their physical health and emotional well-being, as a result of their stay in SHA Wellness Clinic. I feel empowered and proud that we started as a personal family project derived from a commitment to a concept of a healthy lifestyle and has been able to level the playing field of life for those who come to stay and experience the method SHA of the last 10 years ".

SHA Wellness Clinic is a luxury wellness clinic, a world leader dedicated to improving and prolonging the health, well-being of people who use natural therapies derived from Oriental Ancestral knowledge and the most advanced western techniques. SHA Wellness Clinic he does not see health as the total absence of the disease but as an optimum state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being in balance with a harmonious interaction with our environment, in an ideal body weight, for a great energy and vitality.