With a big party, the launch of ice creams inspired by the aromas, flavors and textures of premium beers, such as the special, amber and black of the CModel ervecería in direct collaboration with ice cream Nomadic.

As always, seeking to innovate in their products and offer their consumers original ways to enjoy their unique flavors, the Grupo Modelo He decided to incorporate each one of his beers to the common recipes of homemade ice cream from the refrigerator house. The idea was to turn them into a 'special edition', since the proposal will only be valid for a limited time until the February 28 in the ice cream parlor Nomadic, chosen as headquarters of the pleasant taste experience.


El Masaryk Forum It was the ideal setting for the celebration and tasting of three different flavors of ice cream, having as guests numerous young influencers who were captivated by the whole experience that even allowed the most daring to float suspended from the ground, using a harness to recreate the sensation of to be able to fly free like a bird.

That same feeling is what inspired the creation of these ice cream as an original way to continue enjoying beer as a snack or dessert as close as ice cream is and more, if they carry unimaginable ingredients ranging from lemon and chamoy to walnut and caramel.

Of course, the group's famous beers were present to offer, as well as cocktails with beer, ginger and mint or jamaica and basil, while the occasional DJ put animation to the party.

Among the guests were Juan Pablo Jim, Cassandra de la Vega, Claudia 'Kloqui', Regina Sotres, Heidi Esquinca, Martín Barba, Alex Brizuela, Alexandra Ivanisevic, Santiago Alcocer, Romina Sacre, Gonzalo Archundia And several more.