The historical destinations have a very peculiar charm, something that calls and envelops us, that invites us to venture through its streets and soak up its culture and rich past. This is something that happens to me every time I visit the beautiful city of Puebla, where his story is breathed in the air itself.

"History ... witness of the times, light of truth, life of memory, teacher of life, witness of antiquity", Cicero.

Among its streets, churches and traditions I found a jewel: Mesón Sacristía of the Company. This small boutique hotel, authentically Mexican, is an old colonial building. In the historical heart of Puebla, the Alley of the Sapos, this is a portal to the past.

Its picturesque terraces, heavy wooden doors and incredibly thick colorful walls take us back to the 19th century. Inside the hotel we find an infinity of antiques, decorating every corner, room and space - same that we can take home if we are looking to acquire a piece of the past.

Mesón Sacristía of the Company It also envelops us in Mexican culture through the senses: gastronomy. With the typical Peruvian mole as indisputable king, the menu of its picturesque hotel restaurant revolves around the typical flavors of our country, such as burnt chipotle and stuffed chiles.


A portal to the past, from here I venture to explore the beauty of this historic city and all its hidden wonders, living history at the same time.

Surrounded by three volcanoes, among the mythical Tenochtitlan y Veracruz, the picturesque city of New Spain Puebla It flourished for centuries. An authentic museum of the very essence of Mexico, this incredible destination is rich in culture, history and world-renowned cuisine.


"Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía also envelops us in Mexican culture through the senses: gastronomy".