The tomatoes they are blushing, they hang from fragile and somewhat flexible branches that at their tip reinforce with a starry shape. They are a watery fruit that many of us identify inside salads, in red sauces of Mexican cuisine or in tomato concassé, the basic recipe of Italian gastronomy.

El kidney tomato and tomatillo purple They are two local gems of the milpa that lend themselves to prepare themselves in different techniques.

According to COFUPRO, the tomato is the second horticultural of greater consumption in the world. Within the tomatoes y tomatoes There is a variety of flavors and colors that go from yellow, to orange, the green, the Red, the color wine and purple. Everything depends on where they come from in addition to the sizes. Here is a brief tour of the ones we have in Mexico:

• Among the little ones we have the tomatillos of the milpa, rich to make sauce either in comal or boiled, then there are the sweet cherry, Color Cherry red (although there are also yellows) and firm skin commonly used in salads as well as grape tomato.

• The ones we see in the super are the balls of great fleshiness of acid and sweet flavors, a bit of grain salt is enough to enjoy it with bites. Recommended for sauces and tomato purees. When it has flowers they are yellow.

• After the turn of the saladet, another popular tomato on the Mexican oval table. It is also known as guajillo, it is watery and with many nutrients such as potassium, magnesium as well as vitamins (B1, B2, B5, and C).

• We jump from the Red for green again. The tomatoes They come wrapped in a somewhat sticky shell and herbaceous aromas always present in raw, cooked and tautemed sauces. Although you can also enjoy raw thin slices of sea salt with fresh seafood.

• A jewel within the tomatillos is the purple, of an intense purple color with sweet flavor. When they are born they are a tone green lime and as they reach maturity they become purple and then purple. They can be roasted, eaten raw, boiled or baked, it is rich in beef, pork, chicken and fish.

Another peculiarity in the country is the kidney tomato own Oaxaca. Striated and wide on the sides, as its name simulates a kidney.

"The tomato outside of Mexico is very appreciated by the Spanish, French and Italian gastronomy".