Audi is betting heavily on electric cars and that is why its development division presented the Selfconcept "Aicon" which aims to eliminate both the traditional steering wheel as well as the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals.

El Aicon It is a large sedan in configuration 2 + 2 four-door with an interior design as exterior futuristic. It is estimated that the autonomy of each load will be from 700 to 800 kilometers.

Audi he is conceiving it in what he calls operation 5 level what means a totally autonomous management, everything controlled by their software systems with a practically non-existent interference on the part of the occupants. This system is already in trial period in the new Audi A8.


This Audi Icon It has a length of 5.45 meters and a width of 2.10 meters. It has a wheelbase of 3.48 meters which allows you to have a large interior space. Of course the system four de Audi It is present as well as a huge 26 inch tires that give it a very aggressive appearance.

The conventional lighting systems were eliminated and instead digital displays with hundreds of triangular pixels were installed.

Audi is developing completely new communication systems. In the same way, it is in a research process for new materials in the interior that besides being of the latest technology offer an experience of great sophistication and elegance to which Audi It has us accustomed.


"The Audi Aicon will be followed by a large number of new fully electric and autonomous models that maintain the magic of technology and the passion of their cars."