Better a name than a thousand words, because this creation arrived directly from the glass factory of Kufstein (Tirol) is really super light. The glasses of this first hand-made lead-free glassware are balanced vessels that contribute to the pleasure of tasting. Not only stand out for its lightness, but also for its slender design fruit of the modified lengths of the stem.

The brilliance of these handmade works is unique and is maintained even after washing them in a dishwasher.


When creating a drink, RIEDEL designs are not born on a drawing board, as they are the result of trials and have the support and collaboration of the most expert tasters in the world. The color, bouquet and flavor, focus the attention of people who like wine, but often, they do not consider the glass as an instrument that can transmit the characteristics of wine. RIEDEL got, over the years, accumulate some interesting scientific reasons that explain why the shape of a glass influences the bouquet and flavor of alcoholic beverages. The first idea he discovered while enjoying a glass of wine. The same wine presented completely different characteristics when pouring it into different glasses. The differences were so great that expert experts believed that instead of being the same wine, they were served a different wine. The variety of the grape is the main factor to determine the relationship between fruit, acidity, tannin and alcohol. Next, RIEDEL was able to create forms that seem to improve the wine obtained from specific grape varieties. We begin by realizing the complex role played by form and size in conveying the message of a good wine.



RIEDEL, the global company with more than 260 years of experience and innovation in the world of glass, announces the latest addition to the RIEDEL family of collectors' pieces: It is the decanter Sommeliers Superleggero which exhibits a thinner appearance as a result of the prolongation of its stem.

This master piece is blown and formed by hand, it is required to master this technique to perfection so that a blower in the Austrian Tyrol can aspire to sign a creation like this.

It includes a special stamp for engraving the RIEDEL logo on the outside of the neck of the decanter. Following the design principle imposed by the Bauhaus where "the shape follows the function", the specific design of this decanter allows the wine to open completely by means of a double aeration, first while pouring the wine bottle in the decanter and a second time each time a drink is served. This double decanting technology was developed by RIEDEL and patented in the 2008 year.