20 years ago began to be written the history of the restaurant M, one of the great references of the city of Alicante, located in a fantastic place of the port that captures by itself the "Mediterranean Lifestyle": Sun, sport, quality of life, gastronomy, and of course, the very same Mediterranean Sea.

It was at 1996 when the idea started to boil. Two years later the chef María José San Román he put on his apron and opened the doors of his restaurant inside the hotel Amérigo. The work was hard, always looking for excellence, remembering everything she learned as a child with her parents and grandparents who instilled order, good to do and, above all, the infinite curiosity to know more and more.

Thus, in the 2013, the first star arrives Michelín that overturns the place. The passion of Maria Jose for the product takes new vigor and begins a new and exciting stage in which the Azafran, the AOVE and the Arroz they are its flagship, becoming one of the main national and international ambassadors of these three products with a Mediterranean soul.

Congratulations Monastrell for these first 20 years!

In 2016, it changes its headquarters and moves to the port, to a historic building that housed a commissary and a salting shop next to the Real Club de Regatas, which was remodeled by the architect Lola Alonso. The decision was the most successful, the new space has a privileged location with wonderful views of the promenade of Alicante with the Santa Barbara Castle the background.

Now he has his first 20 years. "I'm going to enjoy the restaurant to the fullest from now on. I want to specialize in healthy food taking advantage of the wonderful "Productes que ens oferix esta terra" as it is said in Valencian "", the chef told me the day of the inauguration. Today, the main protagonists of their cuisine are still rice, EVOO's and saffron with a clear predominance of fish and products from the garden in letter, such as rooster, red shrimp, moray, artichoke or eggplant.


Throughout these 20 years great guests have passed by their stoves, and for the celebration of its twentieth anniversary, the chef María José is throwing the house out the window. To start the festivities the first guest was neither more nor less than Joan Roca the Celler de Can Roca located in Gerona (Catalonia). The presentation was spectacular with a four-handed menu in which we enjoyed bread from the Maria Jose, tuna belly, mackerel with pickles, escudela of cod, gallo pedro and two classics of both chefs; an integral rice variety of smoked brunette with onion Maria Jose and go to the royal Joan Roca. Among other guests who will visit M personalities of the stature of Albert Adriá.

Visit today M promises a unique experience. Healthy cuisine using the best product, perfectly designed recipes, impeccable technique Maria Jose y Federico Pian in front of an excellent kitchen team, and of course, a fine and delicate room service. As I mentioned a few lines above, the flagship products of M, the rice, the EVOOs and the saffron are selected meticulously. Rice, for example, is tailored for the chef by the Valencian company "Selección de Arroz" from Edu Torres I provide you with varieties such as bomba, bombita or the integral bay, one of the specialties of M. And as one of the philosophies of Monsatrell is to offer "Healthy Cooking", will soon have a dish prepared with Sacred Well Salt mexicana de ZAZIL, one of the purest salts in the world and 100% handmade production.

Today M has a star Michelín, the only one in the city of Alicante. However, there are many voices that think it deserves to have the second star. "Your restaurant deserves at least two stars, after knowing your kitchen and your team, I think you're over", these were the words of Joan Roca During a brief conversation I had the opportunity to keep with both chefs in the kitchen. I am sure that this year, one more star will shine in the Puerto de Alicante.


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"Your restaurant deserves at least two stars, after knowing your kitchen and your team, I think you're over," Joan Roca.