It is rarely possible to gather such an important bunch of talent from the stove as they did Pedro Evia and your partner Eduardo Rukos, starting by More Bottom culinary figure recognized by the 50 Best of the World of San Pellegrino, as best chef of the year 2016 along with his restaurant Osteria Francescana en Modena, Italy.

Gustoso arrived Bottura until the white Merida de Yucatan coming this time from Argentina, where he made one of his usual traveling tours that he likes so much, to share, joke and do what they like to do, both him and the Mexican chefs equally summoned, cook ... They accompanied him on the short list Zahie Téllez, Edgar NúñezHe himself Pedro Evia and the Borciua chef of Lebanese origin settled in Miami, Antonio Bachour, all doing unbeatable paper.


The reason, to close with a flourish the Merida Fest, celebrating on this occasion the 476 anniversary of the founding of the Yucatan capital with a posh dinner performed by these five 'celebrities' to which the 'all Merida' important and sybarite came to support with their share of access to the event to the local DIF , which was provided with the total amount collected for the dinner, made in the restaurant K'u'uk.

They all showed off with a menu of five hands and seven times, which left both the Yucatan diner and the visitor speechless, with a pleasant taste in the mouth after so much delight to the shared palate.

A whole social and culinary event was the initiative of the City Council of Mérida and chef Pedro Evia Puerto to organize this dinner for altruistic purposes, achieving total success with sold-out tickets from weeks before the event.

Many faces known among those present and some special guests who applauded to rage at Bottura and his colleagues after the sumptuous banquet tasted.