The writer and journalist was very pleased Desirée Navarro for his birthday, during the cocktail in his honor celebrated in Au Pied de Cochon where she was surrounded by family, many friends and of course, accompanied by Javier Lozano your sentimental partner.

The terrace of the famous French restaurant was crowded with well-known artists, politicians and social figures who wanted to share pleasant emotions with the celebrated, among them the gallerist Oscar Román of the first to congratulate her and then followed by her friend the soul the jeweler Samuel Burstein, Susana Orozco, the painter Jazzamoart, Soria Mauricio y Griselda; Mariana Gómez del Campo, Salvador Vega, Arcadio Andrade, Eddie James and the brothers of Desirée, Ulises, Valentín y Elena Navarro.

Meanwhile, between the departure of the cake and the traditional "mañanitas" that everyone sang in chorus to the birthday girl, the plastic artist Gina Duboub he gave him as a gift a painting in mixed technique of sand and oil of La Guadalupana. For its part, Jazzamoart He also gave him a notebook-object with a dedicated greeting.

Desiree He thanked so many samples of affection and sympathy and spent the time chatting with each and every one of the guests.

There was no lack of champagne to toast and the good wines that accompanied the succulent French canapés of the select cuisine of the host restaurant.