Expression of style, elegance and tradition, the hotel Inn of Abundance, in the Magic Town of Real de Catorce, is located in a colonial construction dating from 1770. Its beauty, character and authenticity has turned it into a stage of diverse cinematographic productions like Pedro Paramo, filmed in 1978.

A unique hotel, full of history, that exposes the wealth and tradition of Real de Catorce

With only 11 rooms, each one is characterized by having its own personality: the old and contemporary touches converge to create spaces that invite introspection and the enjoyment of the senses. Each one is different in color, dimensions and decoration so there will always be one that suits the taste and needs of visitors. On the other hand, the hotel amenities are totally handmade and manufactured in Real de Catorce.


Originally conceived as a house, the property became 1850 in the Treasury of Real de Catorce, taking advantage of its proximity to Exchange house. Currently the hotel also has a dining area that also serves as a screening room where you can enjoy some documentaries with the history of Real de Catorce. It also attracts pilgrims from different parts who visit St. Francis of Assisi in the Parish of the Immaculate Conception of San Francisco de Asís. The hotel Inn of Abundance It is a hotel for couples and seekers of silence and tranquility, for families with children, and for all those who seek to feel the most of the approach to a place that holds memories and nostalgia.


D. Lanzagorta, 11, Colonia Centro, 78550 Real de Catorce, SLP

T. +01 488 887 5044