Matarredonda Wineries and Payments is a small family company, whose day to day is based on the work and effort of a human team, involved 100% in the development of their wines.

The key to this winery is based on a raw material of exception, centenary grapes selected manually and following a highly exhaustive and detailed production process. The last vintage of 2016 has obtained the best grapes in many years, allowing you to pamper your wines from minute one.


The winery, based in the Municipal Term of Toro, was founded in the 2001, although the story begins in the 1998, when Juan Angel Juárez de la Fuente arrives to the Denomination of Origin Toro, falling in love with the old vineyards in the area The hit.

The dream of the birth of this winery, was to produce special wines, quality wines and endorsed by a career marked by high scores both nationally and internationally, by the hand of wine gurus and Robert Parker o Stephen Tanzer, Decanter Asia ... Currently has a presence in the international market, exporting to USA, Switzerland, Germany y Mexico.


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"Matarredonda is found in sandy soils with pebbles, pre-phylloxera vineyards in free standing divided into three payments."