In one of the most exclusive corners of the world, in the heart of Asia is the Four Seasons Bali, right in the Jimbaran Bay.

This shocking Resort has the #14 position within the list of the 40 best resorts in Asia, published by Conde Nast Traveler Reader's Awards. He also received Five Stars for the Forbes Travel Guide.

Its rooms are designed as luxury villas on a surface of 14 hectares right on the seafront.


This singular Spa It is located next to wonderful gardens from where you can enjoy an impressive view of the Jimbaran Bay.

El Four Seasons en Bali rescue the "Blessings of Bali " through couple ceremonies that lead to introspection and recover spirituality.

This ceremony begins with some yoga positions and some interesting breathing techniques that help oxygenation and recover energy in the body. This experience is strengthened with the interesting vibrations of the Gong Balines.

Heal the physical body ... to facilitate the deeper exploration of the inner being ...

Other therapies that should not be overlooked are the "Healing Arts" which gather 6 very interesting treatments. They are a combination of Reiki, Cranial Relaxation Therapy, Ceremonies in the Water and a specially designed treatment by Elisa Senese, therapist specialized in treatments to reconstitute the body and mind.


The collection of massages is very wide, from deep massages to massages that support to rediscover emotional balance. East Spa He is famous for his massage Four hands and for the one dedicated to pregnant women.

Of course the facials are unique and combined with body wraps and exfoliations make this experience a ritual.


"The Essential Oils are a very important element in the Four Seasons Spa in Bali. They are the detonators to achieve a unique experience. "