Only a few days of the possible cancellation of the program Airbus A380, The airline Emirates announced an order for 36 new aircraft which gives a respite of several years to the construction of this giant of the heavens.

The amount of the operation is $ 16,000 million dollars which represents a very important flow for the multinational Airbus. Emirates will start receiving these aircraft from the 2020 year.


With this order Emirates becomes the airline with the most devices A380 In your inventory, a total of 178 aircraft. If we take into account that Airbus has sold a total of 317 aircraft in the world, Emirates then it has the 56% of the total production of Airbus.

This means that Emirates has invested in A380 the modest amount of $ 60,000 million dollars.

"The Airbus A380 is capable of transporting up to 800 passengers in economy class. Although no airline has configured its aircraft with this capability so far. "