City of traditions and intense social and cultural life, Quebec It also makes winter a season of celebrations with the inexhaustible accent of its heritage and its own character. This year, from the 26 from February to the 11 in March, the Quebec Carnival, the party that emblematized with the characteristic figure of Fellow It is the occasion of multiple activities, without the cold or snow being a brake for a collective euphoria with happy reasons for children and adults, for the local population and also for the large number of visitors who come to this superb walled metropolis which is an icon of Franco-Canadian lifestyle and spirit.


"Restaurants and hotels add to the great celebration of winter in the splendid city that rises on the banks of the river Mr. Laurent, with emblematic buildings such as the famous Château Frontenac".


"From 1955, the Carnival offers winter, family and popular activities in a framework of respect for the historical, cultural and heritage identity of the capital of the province of Quebec. During 17 days, the inescapable Bonhomme Carnival It presents a quality program that makes the entire population proud. Carnival activities reach various segments and gather an impressive number of participants. It is estimated that there are around 500 thousand visitors to the different events that make up this celebration, "he says. Mitémo Chevalier, commercial delegate of Quebec Tourism.

Highlight that "Quebec It is a fairytale city and in winter a blanket of snow covers it. For more than 60 years the Quebecers take to the streets to enjoy and celebrate the winter with the famous "Bonhomme", the giant snowman, and Carnival Ambassador. The focus of the festival is winter and everything that can be done during that season, without neglecting the cultural and historical essence of Quebec"




Parades and competitions in canoes, as well as the traditional and fun "bath" of snow, in which the participants are covered with this element provided only with swimsuits, are some of the characteristic activities of this event, although in this edition number 64 there are additional attractions, such as Odyss Land of Ice, an innovative adventure conceived by BlackOut Design that transforms the Bonhomme's Ice Palace in an interactive space at nightfall. During the day, the palace remains open to the delight of visitors, including the presentations of guest graffiti artists, including figures such as Phelipe Soldevila. however at night the venue is transformed to provide a unique experience full of special effects.

El Quebec Carnival It is a party of intense roots that through the decades has given warmth to the spirit and hearts in a time of extreme cold. Its first version was in 1894, and since then it has become a habit only interrupted in the periods of wars and in the Great Depression.

In 1954 a group of businessmen from Quebec decided to restructure the concept of Carnival with a modern vision that will help the economic development of the region. The first contemporary edition was at 1955, including the emblematic image of the characteristic Fellow. The objective of the organizers was fully fulfilled, since to this day is a party that provides an important spill to the area, without losing sight of the conservation of Franco-Canadian traditions and roots. More than 90% of visitors are considered satisfied or very satisfied with the development of the Carnival, and more than 80% expected to return the year following their visit.



"One of the most representative traditions of the Carnival of Quebec is the choice of Duquesas, according to the different zones; it will be chosen who will be the Queen of Carnival. It's a custom dating from 1955. "