It was only a matter of time. The options on clean energy for automotive use are increasing. It would be naive to think that the main reason for many of the companies that investigate these energies is the "Global Warming" but, although the economy is the one that always moves the world, the environmental benefits will be a reality.

The German company Sono Sion He had a dream a few years ago, a dream he shared through various media such as social networks to create a clean and self-sustainable transport. And without having to wait a long time, they began to receive private donations to start the project. Today is a reality that will cost only $ 340,000 pesos (16,000 €).


Inspired by the minimalist design of BMW i3, the Sono Sion It is probably the only viable option (at the moment) to electric cars that are having a big boost. It has 330 solar panels distributed throughout the car that allow it to travel up to 30 kilometers on sunny days. It may seem little, but to be a first car that combines solar charge through its photovoltaic cells is an extraordinary achievement, especially since tests are already being done to increase autonomy. In addition, its additional electric battery allows you to travel up to 250 kilometers with a power of 68 cv.

El Sono Sion It has capacity for five people, weighs 1,400 kilos and measures 4.110 mm long by 1.790 mm wide and 1.680 mm high. The first deliveries are planned for the 2019, meanwhile, you can already reserve a car with $ 10,500 pesos (500 €). We are looking forward to seeing the results.


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"330 solar panels that allow you to travel up to 30 kilometers on sunny days"