The step is given. It was many months of preparation and finally # HédonéExperience has crossed borders to carry the first of many Gastronomic experiences to the Old Continent.

The protagonists to start with this new adventure were Luis Pablo y Alonso Domínguez, two young chefs from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. They are sons and disciples of the prestigious chef Bricio Domínguez, from which he learned the culinary bases, in addition to having practiced in the kitchens of great figures of SpainAs Paco Roncero, Pepe Solla y Diego Guerrero, Among others.

The cities chosen were Alicante y Murcia, southeast of Spain, with all the Mediterranean influence, where the chefs María José San Román Restaurant M en Alicante (1 Michelin Star) and Ginés José Nicolás Aguilar the Pepe's Corner en Murcia, they received in a warm and professional way the two young chefs.

The complicity and roots that unite Mexico and Spain played a fundamental role in the success of the events of Luis Pablo and Alonso Domínguez in Alicante and Murcia.

Mexican cuisine is very attractive in Spain, although also a great unknown. This was possibly the brothers' biggest challenge Dominguez; design a menu that will show the textures, colors, mix of flavors and smells, and above all, the proper use of chilies.

In the menu they used several types of chilies that perfectly defined each dish, a surprise for all the diners who listened attentively to the chefs when they explained their philosophy regarding the chile: "For us the spicy must be addictive, not destructive".

On Thursday 29 in June the first dinner took place in the prestigious and emblematic Murcia restaurant Pepe's Corner, with the chef Ginés José Nicolás as a host. The master ham cutter Rubén Arroba opened the night with a tasting of Iberian ham Jabugo "Rubén Arroba Selección".

On Friday 30 in June, the event moved to Alicante, where the brothers Dominguez they cooked together María José San Román in the recognized restaurant Monastrell.


The menu offered in both cases was a fusion of the best of Mexican and Spanish cuisine, designed so that attendees could verify the excellence of the High Mexican Cuisine. Tiradito de Aguachile, Shrimp Ceviche, Fish Taco, Infladita de Maize with marinated beef and martajada sauce, Black bean Cappuccino Botil with guajillo chili foam, Day fishing with cilantro emulsion and crunchy epazote, Lamb cooked slowly with mole of toasted almonds and desserts designed with Frutas and vanilla were the delight of the attendees.

The wines were carefully selected in the Pepe's Corner by Andrés Castelar and in the case of M, the proposed pairings were made by the sommelier Nuria Spain.

"Inside my kitchen and restaurant I always have rules; rules that only serve to break and that people come to try a true gastronomic revolution ", expresses Alonso Domínguez, who at the 18 years opened his first restaurant, Nextia, where he shares with his companions the approach and his particular vision of the cuisine that distinguishes his proposal. In Nextia Restaurant offers a menu that is renewed every month and a cozy space with few tables, ideal to indulge fully in the gastronomic experience of the young chef; that also offers the possibility of enjoying the best wine that marides with their dishes.