With a great history behind him, the restaurant The towers It is one of the bastions of Aragon gastronomy. The origins of Huesca They date around the year 95 BC when the Roman aristocrat chose it as his place of residence. Surely due to the beautiful landscapes, the richness of its products from the garden and hunting and for the wine that was already produced since 300 aC Products from the zero kilometer garden, breeding and game meats bathed in the wines of Somontano. In 1999, the family Abadía got the star Michelín with the disappeared Fernando Abadía in front of the stoves. Today, Inma Martin y David Fernández they offer us an Aragonese cuisine with the same passion and excellence without losing the philosophy of that simplicity that seeks the pure flavor of its ingredients. An elegant restaurant with an Aragonese cuisine from the north of Spain very careful, that elevates us to the stars.


D. C / María Auxiliadora 3

22003 Huesca, Aragón


T. 34.974.228.213

W. lastorres-restaurante.com

Chef: Inma Martin

Chef: David Fernández

Head of Room: Rosana Ubeda

Maitre and Sommelier: Rafael Abadía