Two fundamental figures of contemporary Mexican cuisine and the passion for wine, Abel Hernández y Laura Santander, have developed a new culinary concept that confirms its solid trajectory and the magnificent experience already exposed in Eloise. It is Loretta Chic Bistrot, a concept that exposes a fresh vision of Mediterranean cuisine, with a always demanding selection of ingredients and the accents of inspiration, wit and craft that has always distinguished this duo. In addition, the impeccable work of Laura Santander in the oenological part.

As well as Eloise, Loretta Chic Bistrot It is located on Avenida Revolución, marking the south of the Mexico City with a different concept, owner of an identity that is transmitted in their dishes, as well as in the design of the property made by the office Red Wall and that transmits an idea of ​​freedom and freshness that ends with its spectacular terrace that invites enjoyment, conversation and coexistence.


Fascinating mosaic of the Mediterranean world, Loretta Chic Bistrot exposes the flavors of regions like Middle East and from countries like Israel y Turkey, always with the touch of the host chefs. The marinated olives, the hummus and the aubergines with coal are the preamble to a feast where their delicious pastas also shine, with combinations like sweet potato and jocoque in agnolotti; ricotta and lemon in the ravioli, and wild boar ragout. Always crave its exceptional grilled octopus and other main dishes such as the day fishing in green mojo, the organic chicken breast with artichoke and spinach gratin, and the petite lamb moussaka, among others.


D. Av. Revolución 1426, Guadalupe Inn, Mexico City, 01020

T.[55] 5550.1692

"The south of CDMX shines with a new expression that exposes the delights of a culture under the guidance of two great figures"