In a beautiful valley of the province of Alicante, Found Ondara, a town of little more than 6 thousand inhabitants. Its history goes back to Roman times, and for the year 1090 the Cid Campeador He occupied the now defunct castle. There, the restaurant is located Casa Pepa, located in a building of 180 years old. With a star Michelín since 15 years ago, Pepa Romans He was in front of the kitchen. Today, his daughters Loneliness y Antonia still offer some of the best rice in Spain like the sweet rice of rabbit and chicken of corral. The perfect harmony between tradition and modernity, has maintained the magical touch that has given it prestige: "Hands of a woman in the kitchen". Here, food is just one of the many elements that ensures an unrepeatable experience, as it affirms Loneliness, "Full of life, the kitchen is surrounded by windows that allow the light of the Mediterranean to flood all its corners".


D. Departure Pamis 7-30

03760 Ondara, Alicante, Spain

T. 34.965.766.606


Owner Chef: Pepa Romans

Chef: Soledad and Antonia Ballester

Head of Room: Manuel Navarro

Sommelier: Francisco Romero