What a way to close a cycle or start a new year, full of enthusiasm, hopes, hopes and of course the best possible mood, like what was experienced during the traditional 'champagne fête' that organizes the maison annually Veuve Clicquot.

This time, a Porfirian house of the Colonia Cuauhtémoc It was the stage where an almost magical night took place and with all the festive glamor that the champagne bubbles invite you to 'get bubbly', that is to immerse yourself in the pleasure of drinking one of the most versatile sparkling wines that there is and that the house designed to give it more vivacity, more energy, dynamism and cosmopolitan air. Veuve Clicquot Rich, is the newest edition that in itself constitutes one of the most refined cocktail drinks, when mixed with fruits and even seasonal vegetables, that flatter intrepid palates among young fans of this drink.

Carlos Pechieu the group director Moët Hennessy which represents in Mexico the cherished champagne of "the widow", as colloquially is called this remarkable label, welcomed the celebration that began with a dinner to awaken the senses and the notes of the range of signature champagne. They included succulent and delicate creations such as pasta with morillas and marron glacée, fresh salad with cranberries and baked turkey accompanied by classic sweet potato purée.
Later, the party continued and the guests enjoyed fresh cocktails with this 'Rich' edition of champagne and the traditional brut and rosé formulas.

Un Dj'Profesional It set the tone of the evening that became fun coexistence among the many guests who coincided there.