Asturias offers beautiful landscapes; mountains, rivers, lakes, ancient villages and dream beaches in the Cantabrian Sea. There, in the middle of the mountain you will find You sell, a village that dates back to the 926 year and houses the restaurant Casa Marcial of the chef Nacho Manzano with two stars Michelín. It is located in the house that his parents had a bar shop and they made meals on request. It was there where he became a fan of the kitchen and where he develops as a cook day by day. Perhaps one of his secrets is to feel an immense happiness of being able to do what he likes most in the house where he was born. It seeks to express on each plate what its land offers: nature, sea, fresh product of zero kilometer and the simplicity of the people from the north of Spain. The Asturian fabada is one of the most emblematic dishes of the restaurant. Sit at the table in Casa Marcial It is undoubtedly a sensory experience.


D. La Salgar s / n

33549 Arriondas - Parres, Asturias


T. 34.985.840.991

Chef: Nacho Manzano Sánchez

Chef: Nacho Manzano Sánchez

Sommelier: Juan Luis García

Head of Room: Sandra Manzano