The vision of an urban oasis, conceived as a haven of style and good living under the line of a cosmopolitan design, is the essence of The Muse Hotel, located in New York, a short distance from iconic sites such as Times Square, Broadway, the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center.

"The Muse it expresses the sophistication and the city spirit that by antonomasia is associated with this part of the city, besides that it keeps an implicit tribute to the immediate area of ​​the theaters ".

"His name is synonymous with inspiration and is based precisely on the image of the nine Greek goddesses, owners of a capacity to motivate creation in the various artistic disciplines.

"In its different spaces, and of course in its rooms, the hotel offers the opportunity to discover and get in tune with the spirit of the muses. Of course the atmosphere that prints the theater district is another reason to 'be inspired', which is precisely the motto that we maintain, "warns Stacey Ellis, communication directive Kimpton Hotels.

Form and function are combined in this modern architectural proposal that determined in 2007 a multi-million dollar investment for its remodeling, under the premise of creating a hotel in which architecture, design, art, gastronomy and wines, among other factors, will determine an identity stamp associated with great expressions of thought, with a natural and effervescent elegance.


Aesthetics is language and meaning in the definition of an environment where creativity is in tune with the comfort of visitors. The idea, according to Ellis, is to capture the vibrant essence of Manhattan, while offering the serenity and hospitality of a boutique hotel. Furniture, accessories and service establish a great trilogy that is sublimated with the views of the city in different seasons.

"There is a continuous dialogue between inside and outside. The idea is that visitors do not lose sight of everything Manhattan is at the door to offer you the best of its essence, including the shopping experience in the Fifth Avenue", Precise.


Wood, metal, textures and geometries are elements of the equation of a timeless glamor, capable of developing scenarios that invite coexistence and literally inspire feeling in a movie set or on a catwalk, as is the case of the lavish lobby, which in moment suggests the raid to a magical forest.

Muses are recurrent motif in decoration, as well as Greek letters that end up conceptualizing an alphabet of pleasure. Each space is an allegory of good taste, the same in the rooms, defined in soft lines and colors that suggest relaxation and the optimal space for rest or intellectual work, than in the areas of coexistence, nuanced by retro-chic details that celebrate the eternal fascination that implies NY, without overlooking, of course, his restaurant Nios, conceived by the renowned designer David Rockwell, and whose distinctive metallic curtains mark the access to a kitchen of "inspirations" in a relaxed atmosphere that proposes to express the New York cosmopolitanism of the past and the present.

The Muse Hotel


D. 130 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

T. + 1 212-485-2400

"Sophisticated spaces that pay tribute to the Greek goddesses mark the essence of The Muse, in New York"