The era of the mythical "Jumbo 747" is coming to an end. I still remember the first time I saw my parents and brother, land one of these giants in the airport of the Mexico City when there were still public stands on the avenue Mexican Air Force. A whole era that ends and a future that continues its tireless walk.

A few days ago, the airline Delta Airlines made the last flight of Jumbo B747 over North American airspace with the route Dallas - Seattle. The date chosen for this historic flight was the December 25, the Christmas day.

Boeing revolutionized the way of traveling in 1970 when it launched the "747" by offering the possibility of transporting almost 420 passengers with a range of more than 14,500 kilometers and exceeding the efficiency of any aircraft of the moment in an 30%. Simply a marvel. His first flight covered the route from New York to London of the missing Pan-Am. As a curiosity, you could smoke in one part of the cabin.


Currently, the one named "Queen of the Skies", continues flying 379 aircraft in the classic configuration flying and 124 in the most modern, of which 236 are passengers. The passenger companies that still use it are British Airways, which will continue using it until February of the 2024, Lufthansa y Korean Airlines.

Originally, the "B747" was designed for Cargo, and it seems that this is how it will continue for many more years. In addition, it will remain the official airplane of the President of the United States, the A that will enter into service at 2024 and one of NASA's favorites to perform scientific tests.

Many memories, emotions, exhausting hours of flight while we watched a movie premiere on a central screen, perplexity of not knowing how to get off the ground that giant with so many people and luggage. A time that closes and opens the way to a future of possibilities.

"The first flight of the Boeing 747 was 9 February of 1969, almost 50 years ago. By December 2016 had already built 1528 units. "