Always at the forefront creating experiences and special 'moments', the champagne house Moet & Chandon is present in this season of celebrations and as a novelty installed for the first time in Latin America a store under the fashionable platform of the pop-up, that is temporary facilities full of good taste, innovation and design of great attraction.

El Palace of the Palaces of Polanco, from a few days ago and until January 7, frames the pop-up space of the firm, where it was recreated a winter atmosphere that recalls the magic of Christmas and the arrival of a New Year of illusions, projects and hopes.

Executives from Moët and Palacio de Hierro led the inaugural cocktail where the vending machines of mini bottles of champagne were the sensation, adding their permanence to those of other diverse points in the city where they can be found.

Carlos Pechieu The director of Moët Hennessy Mexico invited the audience to purchase some of their products, such as the range of their champagne with the advantage of being able to personalize them with letters engraved on glass, as well as colorful Christmas cards.

No doubt this Christmas Eve and Christmas festive champagne bubbles reaffirmed that 'they are today' and to toast the end of the year are unmissable.

Among many other acquaintances who caught the magic of the champagne Luis Miguel Moreno, Carlos Salcido, Jorge Martinez, and Fernando González, Majo Villaseñor And several more.