San Miguel de Allende, the best city in the world to visit, is ready to receive hundreds of tourists who are excited to arrive in this fabulous colonial city to spend the New Year. This city gastronomic center presents unbeatable options to enjoy this special date.


To start Bovine, the newly opened restaurant in the mega glamorous concept store "Zip Code", offers an incredible dinner in which the famous Chef Paul Bentley and his team designed a menu inspired by the main concept of Bovine developed by one of the great hosts at a global level; Bruce James, hotel genius who presented this luxury brasserie with the eclecticism that characterizes this project can be seen in his kitchen, mixing a brasserie and a steakhouse, of simple dishes but with the impeccable technique of the Australian chef. Within Bovine Diners also have the choice of booking at the Main Table of House Dragons with which this elegant place counts.

D. 16 Channel, Center, Central Zone, 37700. San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

T. Capital reserves: 01.415.121.6787


A classic that is always a must when visiting "The Heart of Mexico", the Rosewood Hotelwhere your guests and visitors can receive the year in a spectacular way with two unique parties "Masquerade Party" and "Glow Party". The restaurant 1826 It presents a special menu with the elegance of Venetian nights. The cost per adult is $ 1,800 and $ 900.00 pesos per children, this price does NOT include drinks.

For the "Glow Party" at Luna Bar, the iconic terrace of this city, a famous DJ will receive the year with all the guests with the best beats, surrounded by the brightness of the neon and a selection of delicious tapas. The cost for this event will be $ 2,000.00 per adult and $ 1,000.00 per child. The reservation is required for both events. Get out now!


Another place of impact that is already a "Hot Spot" in San Miguel es Atrium. From the creators of "Pueblo Viejo" and "La Azotea", this spectacular terrace leaves breathless all those who climb the stairs of the building known by the San Miguel as the

By day, the vegetation and architecture envelop diners but at night, the effect is multiplied by 1000 since the lights, the architectural lighting and the view of the beautiful Parroquia take your breath away. This mega terrace has a bar, terrace and roofed restaurant, creating an unforgettable experience for the New Year. To start this staff will offer the welcome with the most San Miguel Tequila in the world; House Dragons, a sophisticated and delicious elixir who will be the Ambassador to receive all those who will attend to celebrate. Luis Vela, General Manager of the restaurant talks to us about the menu. "To open mouth aubergines with hummus and sweet potatoes tempura, of my favorites in the letter, followed by two versions of soup to choose from; seafood soup or roasted tomato soup. The strong ones; sirloin in chestnut sauce and mashed truffle or duck in orange with wild rice or, black cod in hoisin sauce with asparagus. And for lovers of sweet, chocolate cake or key lime pie. The cost per person $ 2,400.00 pesos plus drinks and 15% service.



The Chef Marcela Bolaño he is undoubtedly a consolidated figure in the city, both as a gastronomic and social figure, since he is always seen supporting Gastronomic Festivals, citizen themes and more. In its rich Marsálá, Together with Ximena DeLeón Campomanes, the atmosphere is relaxed and super cool counting on one of the most cozys and delicious places. With Mediterranean influence the New Year's menu offers Lettuce glasses with Moray crab, avocado and dill dressing. In the 1er time, conserve parmesan with roasted asparagus ravioli and mascarpone. As a first choice of main course; piglet with spices, honey and winter textures on celery root puree and poached lentils or vegetarian musaka (! my big favorite!) with eggplant, potatoes, cremini ragout and chickpeas with bechamel sauce of feta and fontina cheese or crusted salmon pistachio (! Unique!), with dill and lemon zest and yellow lemon zest over cous cous and Greek yogurt. And for dessert: Pear cake with créeme ginger fraiche and cinnamon ice cream. The cost is $ 2,200.00 pesos, includes pairing for dinner, champagne wine with grapes for the toast and a super DJ. Does not include tip.


And for the other days starting today December 28; Polo Brunch with The Most Holy, the most beautiful and incredible place in the outskirts of the city. In this Toscana Guanajuatense, Polo's parties gain impetus in pairing with the spectacular wines of La Santísima and the excellent cuisine of the resident Chefs. Reservation required at 1521964 or Another super activity to receive the year in the brother vineyard of La Santisima; San Lucas, is the Yoga class with Daniela Alcazar, very early the 31. !You can not lose this! Good vibes and spiritual peace to finish the year.


On behalf of the Directorate of Economic Development and Tourism we receive the invitation for the festivities organized by the city in which we are invited to celebrate as a family and at the rhythm of the Sonora Pura Dynamite, with a real party atmosphere in the esplanade of Principal gardenwhere from the 8 of the night there will be projection of the videos with which San Miguel de Allende it is promoting all over the world; in addition to music selected by a DJ

At night 10 the student community and their families can enjoy the "Duel of estudiantinas", to make way for the Show of Palmira Brizuela who without a doubt transcends in the affection of the sanmiguelenses and whose characteristic is the interpretation of successful subjects in the years 80's and 90's.

It will be at the 11: 40 of the night when the music begins that will give a pattern to the countdown to dismiss the 2017 and receive the 2018, while the first mayor Ricardo Villarreal García, accompanied by representatives of the City Council and cabinet will participate in this expected moment. It will frame the moment the pyrotechnics show and the chimes that will echo from the Parish of San Miguel Arcangel, amid the hubbub and good wishes.

The night will pass with the music of the Sonora Pura Dynamite, so that the Sanmiguelenses and visitors can dance until the 3 of the dawn of the first day of the 2018.

The best place in the world to receive the 2018! San Miguel de Allende!