A fun evening, casual and even something irreverent, framed the celebration for the first anniversary of Canalla Bistro, the most recent culinary bet within the new complex Miyana from the President Group, commanded by Braulio Arsuaga, the host of the celebration.

The chef César Tovar He prepared a review of the favorite dishes of the menu of his eclectic cuisine to captivate the guests of the evening, who while tasting delicacies such as Peking duck nigiris, Pad Thai with curry, oreos with foie gras, Salad of ribbons zucchini, or vegetables tempura, could enjoy the stand-up performance of Chumel Torres.

Minutes before, Julien Debarle the director of operations of Hoteles Intercontinental and the corporate group gave some words of welcome, accompanied by Isabel Azpiri the director of communication, who also thanked the preference of regular customers and special guests.

Chumel, the famous comedian, jumped on stage improvised in the middle of dinner with a participation that made everyone laugh between jokes and jocular comments and something 'spicy', even political satire as it is specialty of the 'stand-uperos' of today.

On the other hand, at the time of the desserts there were other spontaneous actions to close with a flourish.

Among the acquaintances who came were Nicolás Martín del Campo, María Forcada, Mariana De Haro, Ana Mary Arsuaga, Belén Alonso, Jessica and Braulio Pacheco; Katy Fong, Florent Houssais, Claudia and Amanda Azpiri; Sai Sánchez, Manu Silva and many more.