With hype and cymbals the family Be aware celebrated the inauguration of his brand new hotel Xcaret in the Riviera Maya, a complex turned into a destination whose entire construction cost 350 millions of dollars with a totally Mexican investment and reference that occupies the concept of 'All Fun Inclusive'. This includes ultra-luxury all-inclusive accommodation and the ease of access to all the group's amusement parks Xcaret experiences.

The founding partners led the inaugural ribbon cutting Oscar, Rodrigo, Marcos y Carlos Constandse, Together with Miguel y David Quintana, accompanied by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico Enrique De la Madrid and the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín.

A large party continued that included a gastronomic tour through its 10 restaurants, highlighting 'Há', where the eminent guest chef Carlos Gaytán He captivated with his kitchen. Also, the night was adorned with a concert directed by Lark of the Vine and the after party with a fireworks shower.

Many acquaintances from all over the country and abroad added more than 1200 guests who enjoyed a weekend full of pleasant surprises as the Spa surrounded by natural vegetation, rivers and natural caverns. Nine hundred rooms make up the whole, as well as water mirrors, pools and beaches with marine sand, under an integration of integrative architecture with the environment.

The project includes ten thousand years from now with six thousand rooms, a multifunctional stadium, a convention center and a commercial and gastronomic heart.