A space of very playful experiences between music, art, gastronomy e history, mounted the Belgian beer brand for three days Stella Artois, under the title of 'Follow your Stella' (read Follow Your Star) in full Polanco. The house that occupied a center of advertising design became the stage for an installation covered with small luminous stars that framed it as a party to convey the essence of this drink with its most outstanding attributes.

The pleasure of enjoying the time was represented by "The not so quick selfie" with illustrations of Giselle Lozano. 'Le Marché' was another space dedicated to food interpreted by chefs Oscar Portal, Miguel Hidalgo y Vicente Torres with light, fresh and contemporary dishes that are remarkably ad-hoc to the natural ingredients of beer.

On the other hand, the musical part was enlivened by a show of Stellar Lights on the dance floor animated by the voice of the singers Mars Rising y Diego Vieyra, as well as the dj's Alan Salomon, Meli Cantu y Jorge Nava. Among the invited celebrities were also Michelle Salas, Montse Oliver, Yaya Kosikova, Pam Allier, Fer Medina, Sebastián Zurita, Polo Morín and many more.