In days gone by in the San José Island en Los Cabos, the final of the Extreme Sailing Series 2017 in which eight teams competed, the best in the world. A unique and fantastic experience is to sail the sea on a sailboat, but participating in a race like this one is glamorous, challenging and exciting. The excitement starts from the preparation of the sailboat, meet with the team and see all the other participants, dressed in their special suits and their modern boats. Representatives from the Navy and from the state government were present and intoned during the first day of activities.

Winning these competitions requires the skill and strength of the sailors, but it also influences the technology of the sailboat and even the climate. For the game and throughout the competition, winds are required to set sail, so as soon as the Land Rover BAR Academy and his young British crew went to sea.

From a distance, the Land Rover catamaran stands gracefully and seems to glide smoothly in the water, but actually managing them requires great physical effort and coordination among the team members to direct and control it. You have to take advantage of the breeze and keep the distance between the others, it's about being skillful and taking advantage of the speed.


The catamaran GC32 Land Rover measures 12 meters, weighs 975 kg and more than a ton including sails, and reaches maximum speeds of 72 km / hr. Its modern design is of type Hydrofoil, which allows you to be fast and literally fly over the surface.

This global competition has gone through Middle East, Asia, Europe and for the first time the final took place in Mexico with Los Cabos, which has become one of the favorite destinations for sporting events of international stature and as spectacular as this one. It is also an excellent option for travelers to enjoy and be pampered with luxury hotels in the area, exquisite cuisine, nightclubs and unique weather.

After seven events around the world, the eight international teams were integrated by 45 crew from 13 different countries, and the winners took the famed America's Cup. The participation of Land Roverdirected in Mexico by my friend Raúl Peñafiel is famous for its luxurious and powerful cars, but seeks to get out of the ordinary and embark on an adventure with this type of event.

"This global competition has gone through the Middle East, Asia, Europe and for the first time the final took place in Mexico, in Los Cabos."