In the framework of the Christmas celebrations, and thus welcoming the spirit of these holidays, the past 29 of November took place in The St. Regis Mexico City the traditional lighting of Christmas tree. In tune with this special moment, Baileys He offered a variety of cocktails with the soft and sweet taste of Irish whiskey.

"Celebrating this season with Baileys can become a tradition such as lighting the Christmas tree, and thus share truly magical and unforgettable moments with your loved ones."

This emotional encounter makes reference to emblematic fires in the world, such as the Rockefeller Center, one of the most representative centers of NY. In accordance with National Geographic, this tradition goes back to 1931. That year, while U.S.A. I tried to get out of the Great Depression, it was the workers of the complex who brought a small fir to decorate the works. From 1933 this act began to repeat itself annually and, years later, it became one of the unmissable events of the city.


It is an event that attracts the attention of hundreds of attendees and what it means, after the parade of Thanksgiving, the beginning of the Christmas holidays. For this tradition, the tree must meet special requirements, such as being in the last years of life. It is illuminated with more than 50 thousand LED bulbs. Its cusp, as usual from 2004, is crowned by a star of Swarovski of three meters formed by 25 thousand crystals.


"Sweet cocktails with the touch of Irish whiskey, as well as a spirit of fraternity and joy, distinguished the celebration of the lighting at The St. Regis Mexico City."