On the 9 Saturday in December, the twelfth edition of the Gastronomic Festival "Sabor a Cabo" , in which more than 50 restaurants offered an impressive display of their recipes and the original flavors that have reinforced the fame of Los Cabos as a spectacular gastronomic destination. With a presence of more than 3 thousand national and foreign visitors, Los Cabos confirms the diversity and richness of culinary expressions with which it has to attract more visitors every season, in addition to its impressive hotel infrastructure and the beauty of its beaches.

"Sabor a Cabo is an event where the best of the gastronomy of Los Cabos meets, with the presence of more than 50 restaurants and more than 3 thousand attendees".

"It is a celebration that has gained great renown in a local, national and international, contributing to the fact that besides enjoying the gastronomy of the region, the participants visit the destination and prolong their stay, favoring the premises dedicated to the tourist activity , through a greater demand for employment ", expresses Luis Genaro Ruíz Hernández, Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability of Baja California Sur.

Highlights that this festival was born with the interest of promoting the cuisine of the destination, in addition to generating an important economic benefit that benefits both local restaurants and the H. Fire Department, since part of the income is donated to this institution.


This year the venue for the regional gastronomic festival will be the Organic Garden Los Tamarindos with Animas Bajas. The place was chosen because it has suitable rural characteristics. It retains a construction of more than 100 years, surrounded by a garden with a history of about 300 years by a river.

The idea was to once again show the community and tourists the best of regional gastronomy. Sabor a Cabo Rural was created to live together as a family; At the same time, boost the economy of communities and farms that have preserved the traditions of this land.

The dishes are prepared with local 100% products Baja California Sur, made by the restaurants that join Sabor a Cabo Rural interested in preserving traditional recipes among which stand out birria, white barbecue, talayotes, roasted kid, chanfaina, discada, sweets, among others.

Ruiz Hernández notes that "Sabor a Cabo" will serve as a promotional reference for the international tourist destination due to the participation of the group "Earth Wind and Fire", one of the most famous jazz and disco bands of the decade of the 70 years, action that allows global coverage of the event exposing the beauty of the destination.

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"In a joint work between the Government of the State through the Ministry of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability, the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (CANIRAC) and the State Tourism and Los Cabos Trusts".